abrasive /əˈbreɪsɪv/


I. adjective

1. (of a substance or material) capable of polishing or cleaning a hard surface by rubbing or grinding.

the wood should be rubbed down with fine abrasive paper.
don’t use abrasive kitchen cleaners.
2. tending to rub or graze the skin

the trees were abrasive to the touch.
3. showing little concern for the feelings of others; harsh

her abrasive and arrogant personal style won her few friends.
II. noun

a substance used for grinding, polishing, or cleaning a hard surface.

the refrigerator is easily damaged by abrasives.
III. derivatives

1. abrasively /əˈbreɪsɪvli /

2. abrasiveness /əˈbreɪsɪvnəs /

– origin mid 19th cent. (as a noun): from Latin abras- ‘abraded’, from the verb abradere (see abrade), + -ive.

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