aloe /ˈaləʊ/


I. noun

1. a succulent plant with a rosette of thick tapering leaves and bell-shaped or tubular flowers on long stems, native to the Old World.

●Genus Aloe, family Liliaceae (or Aloaceae).
2. ( aloes or bitter aloes) [ mass noun] a strong laxative obtained from the bitter juice of various kinds of aloe.
3. (also American aloe) another term for century plant.
4. (also aloes wood) [ mass noun] the fragrant heartwood of a tropical Asian tree.

●The tree belongs to the genus Aquilaria, family Thymelaeaceae, in particular A. agallocha.
5. the resin obtained from aloes wood, used in perfume, incense, and medicine.
– origin Old English alewe, alwe (denoting the fragrant resin or heartwood of certain oriental trees), via Latin from Greek aloē; reinforced in late Middle English by Old French aloes ‘aloe’, hence frequently used in the plural.

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