along /əˈlɒŋ/


I. preposition, adverb

1. moving in a constant direction on (a more or less horizontal surface)

[as prep.]

soon we were driving along a narrow road
he saw Gray run along the top of the wall
[as adv.]
we continued to plod along.
2. used to refer to the passage of time or the making of progress

[as prep.]

you’ll pick up some valuable tips along the way
[as adv.]
they asked how the construction was coming along.
3. [ prep.] extending in a more or less horizontal line on

cars were parked along the grass verge
the path along the cliff.
4. [ adverb] in or into company with others

he had brought along a friend of his.
II. phrases

1. along with
in company with or at the same time as

I was chosen, along with twelve other artists.
2. be (or come) along

she’ll be along soon.
– origin Old English andlang, of West Germanic origin; related to long1.

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