alter /ˈɔːltə, ˈɒltə/


I. verb

1. change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way

[with obj.]

Eliot was persuaded to alter the passage
[no obj.]
our outward appearance alters as we get older
(as adj. altered)
an altered state.
2. [with obj.] make structural changes to (a building)

plans to alter the dining hall.
3. [with obj.]
(N. Amer.)
(Austral.) castrate or spay (a domestic animal).
II. derivatives

alterable /ˈɔːltərəb(ə)l, ˈɒltərəb(ə)l /

– origin late Middle English: from Old French alterer, from late Latin alterare, from Latin alter ‘other’.

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