among /əˈmʌŋ / ‹chiefly Brit.› amongst


I. preposition

1. situated more or less centrally in relation to (several other things)

flowers hidden among the roots of the trees
you’re among friends.
2. being a member or members of (a larger set)

a British woman was among the 54 victims of the disaster
snakes are among the animals most feared by man.
3. occurring in or shared by (some members of a group or community)

a drop in tooth decay among children
members of the government bickered among themselves.
4. indicating a division, choice, or differentiation involving three or more participants

the old king called the three princesses to divide his kingdom among them
the State Council would elect a temporary president from among its members.
– origin Old English ongemang (from on ‘in’ + gemang ‘assemblage, mingling’). The -st of amongst represents -s (adverbial genitive) + -t probably by association with superlatives (as in against).

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