angulate /ˈaŋɡjʊleɪt/


I. verb [with obj.]

‹technical› hold, bend, or distort (a part of the body) so as to form an angle or angles.

(as adj. angulated)

the hindquarters are more strongly angulated than the forequarters.
[Skiing] incline (the upper body) sideways and outwards during a turn.

one of the hardest principles for a beginning skier to grasp is the necessity to angulate the upper half of the body.
[no obj.]
you need to angulate slightly with the knees.
II. derivatives

angulation /ˌaŋɡjʊˈleɪʃ(ə)n /

– origin late 15th cent. (as angulated, used chiefly as a botanical or zoological term): from Latin angulatus, past participle of angulare, from angulus ‘angle’. The skiing term dates from the 1970s.

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