ankle /ˈaŋk(ə)l/


I. noun

1. the joint connecting the foot with the leg.

Jennie fell downstairs, breaking her ankle.
[as modifier]
an ankle injury.
2. the narrow part of the leg between the ankle joint and the calf

her slim ankles.
II. verb [no obj.]

1. [with adverbial of direction]
‹informal› walk

we can ankle off to a new locale.
2. [with obj.] leave

he ankled the series to do a movie.
3. (usu. as noun ankling) flex the ankles while cycling in order to increase pedalling efficiency.

changing my pedalling style from toeing to ankling.
III. derivatives


– origin Old English ancleow, of Germanic origin; superseded in Middle English by forms from Old Norse; related to Dutch enkel and German Enkel, from an Indo-European root shared by angle1.

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