any /ˈɛni/


I. determiner, pronoun

1. [usu. with negative or in questions] used to refer to one or some of a thing or number of things, no matter how much or how many

[as determiner]

I don’t have any choice
do you have any tips to pass on?
[as pronoun]
someone asked him for a match, but Joe didn’t have any
you don’t know any of my friends.
2. anyone

the city council ceased payments to any but the aged.
3. whichever of a specified class might be chosen

[as determiner]

these constellations are visible at any hour of the night
[as pronoun]
the illness may be due to any of several causes.
II. adverb [usu. with negative or in questions] [as submodifier]

1. at all; in some degree (used for emphasis)

he wasn’t any good at basketball
why look any further?
no one would be any the wiser.
‹informal› at all (used alone, not qualifying another word)

I didn’t hurt you any.
III. phrases

1. any amount of
see amount.
2. any more (also anymore)
[usu. with negative or in questions] to any further extent; any longer

she refused to listen any more.
3. any old
see old.
4. any road (up)

(chiefly N. English) informal term for anyway:

any road, I’m sure you’ll make a go of it.
5. any time (also anytime)
at whatever time

she can come any time.
6. any time (or day or minute etc.) now

‹informal› very soon

we’ll get them back any day now.
7. be not having any (of it)

‹informal› be uninterested or disagree

I tried to make polite conversation, but he wasn’t having any.
8. not just any ——
a particular or special thing of its type rather than any ordinary one of that type.

he had an acting job at last, and not just any part, but the lead in a new film.
– origin Old English ǣnig (see one, -y1), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch eenig and German einig. / usage: When used as a pronoun any can be used with either a singular or a plural verb, depending on the context: we needed more sugar but there wasn’t any left ( singular verb) or
are any of the new videos available?
( plural verb).

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