anyone /ˈɛnɪwʌn/


I. pronoun

1. [usu. with negative or in questions] any person or people

there wasn’t anyone there
does anyone remember him?
I was afraid to tell anyone.
2. [without negative] used for emphasis

anyone could do it.
3. a person of importance or authority

they are read by anyone who’s anyone.
II. phrases

1. be anyone’s

‹informal› be open to sexual advances from anyone

three shandies and he’s anyone’s.
2. anyone’s game
an evenly balanced contest

it was still anyone’s game at half-time.
usage: The two-word form any one is not the same as the one-word form anyone and the two forms cannot be used interchangeably. Any one means ‘any single (person or thing)’, as in: not more than twelve new members are admitted in any one year.

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