anything /ˈɛnɪθɪŋ/


I. pronoun [usu. with negative or in questions]

1. used to refer to a thing, no matter what

nobody was saying anything
have you found anything?
he inquired whether there was anything he could do.
2. [without negative] used for emphasis

I was ready for anything.
3. used to indicate a range

he trains anything from seven to eight hours a day.
II. phrases

1. anything but
not at all (used for emphasis)

he is anything but racist.
2. anything like ——
[with negative] at all like —— (used for emphasis)

it doesn’t taste anything like wine.
3. (as) —— as anything

‹informal› extremely ——

she said it out loud, clear as anything.
4. or anything
[usu. with negative or in questions]
‹informal› added as a general reference to other things similar to the thing mentioned

no strings attached, you don’t have to join up or anything.

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