apex /ˈeɪpɛks/


I. noun

1. the top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point

the apex of the roof

‹figurative› the central bank is at the apex of the financial system.

[Geometry] the highest point in a plane or solid figure, relative to a base line or plane.
[Botany] the growing point of a shoot.
4. the highest point of achievement; a climax

the apex of his career was in 1966 when he hoisted aloft the World Cup for England.
[Motor Racing] the point in turning a corner when the vehicle is closest to the edge of the track.
II. verb

1. [no obj.] reach a high point or climax.

melodic lines build up to the chorus and it apexes at the solo.
2. [with obj.]
[Motor Racing] turn (a corner) very close to the edge of the track.

he understands when to apex a corner.
– origin early 17th cent.: from Latin, ‘peak, tip’.

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