appear /əˈpɪə/


I. verb [no obj.]

1. come into sight; become visible or noticeable, especially without apparent cause

smoke appeared on the horizon.
2. come into existence or use

the major life forms appeared on earth.
3. be published or offered for sale

the paperback edition didn’t appear for another two years.
4. feature or be shown

the symbol appears in many paintings of the period.
‹informal› arrive at a place

by ten o’clock Bill still hadn’t appeared.
6. present oneself formally in a court or tribunal

he appeared on six charges of theft.
7. perform publicly in a film, play, etc.

he appeared on Broadway.
8. seem; give the impression of being

[with infinitive]

she appeared not to know what was happening
[with clause]
it appears unlikely that interest rates will fall.
– origin Middle English: from Old French apareir, from Latin apparere, from ad- ‘towards’ + parere ‘come into view’.

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