appearance /əˈpɪər(ə)ns/


I. noun

1. the way that someone or something looks

she checked her appearance in the mirror.
2. an impression given by someone or something

she read it with every appearance of interest.
3. an act of performing or participating in a public event

he is well known for his television appearances.
4. an act of arriving or becoming visible

the sudden appearance of her daughter startled her.
5. a process of coming into existence or use

the appearance of the railway.
II. phrases

1. keep up appearances
maintain an impression of wealth or well-being.
2. make (or put in) an appearance
attend an event briefly, especially as a matter of courtesy.
3. to (or by) all appearances
as far as can be seen

to all appearances, it had been a normal day.
– origin late Middle English: from Old French aparance, aparence, from late Latin apparentia, from Latin apparere (see appear).

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