I. adjective approximate /əˈprɒksɪmət /

1. close to the actual, but not completely accurate or exact

the approximate time of death.
II. verb [no obj.] approximate /əˈprɒksɪmeɪt /

1. come close or be similar to something in quality, nature, or quantity

a leasing agreement approximating to ownership
[with obj.]
reality can be approximated by computational techniques.
2. [with obj.] estimate or calculate (a quantity) fairly accurately

I had to approximate the weight of my horse.
III. derivatives

approximative /əˈprɒksɪmətɪv /

– origin late Middle English (in the adjectival sense ‘close, similar’): from late Latin approximatus, past participle of approximare, from ad- ‘to’ + proximus ‘very near’. The verb (originally meaning ‘bring close’) arose in the mid 17th cent.; the current adjectival sense dates from the early 19th cent.

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