ban1 /ban/


I. verb [with obj.]

1. officially or legally prohibit (something)

parking is banned around the harbour in summer.
2. officially prevent (someone) from doing something

her son was banned for life from the Centre.
II. noun

1. an official or legal prohibition

a proposed ban on cigarette advertising
a three-year driving ban.
2. an official exclusion of a person from an organization, country, or activity

a ban on dangerous jet-ski riders.
‹historical› a sentence of outlawry.

the Presbyterians were under the ban of the law.
‹archaic› a curse.

the land might be smitten by the ban which once fell upon the Canaanites.
III. derivatives


– origin Old English bannan ‘summon by a public proclamation’, of Germanic origin, reinforced by Old Norse banna ‘curse, prohibit’; the noun is partly from Old French ban ‘proclamation, summons, banishment’.

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