banner /ˈbanə/


I. noun

1. a long strip of cloth bearing a slogan or design, carried in a demonstration or procession or hung in a public place.

a nuclear disarmament banner was carried round the war memorial.
students waved banners and chanted slogans.
‹historical› a flag on a pole used as the standard of a monarch, knight, or army.

the standard bearers followed, banners of bright red and yellow depicting dragons and stags.
3. used in reference to support for a belief or principle

the government is flying the free trade banner.
4. a heading or advertisement appearing on a web page in the form of a bar, column, or box

[as modifier]

a banner ad.
II. adjective [ attrib.]

(N. Amer.) excellent; outstanding

the company was having a banner year.
III. phrases

under the banner of
a. as part of a specified group

the party is running under the banner of the Left-Wing Alliance.
b. claiming to support a specified cause or principle

campaigns fought under the banner of multiculturalism.
IV. derivatives

bannered /ˈbanəd /

– origin Middle English: from Old French baniere, ultimately of Germanic origin and related to band2.

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