barge /bɑːdʒ/


I. noun

1. a long flat-bottomed boat for carrying freight on canals and rivers, either under its own power or towed by another.
2. a long ornamental boat used for pleasure or ceremony.
3. a boat used by the chief officers of a warship.
II. verb

1. [no obj., with adverbial of direction] move forcefully or roughly

we can’t just barge into a private garden.
2. ( barge in) intrude or interrupt rudely or awkwardly

sorry to barge in on your cosy evening.
3. [with obj.] (chiefly in a sporting context) run into and collide with (someone), typically intentionally.

you can use this method to barge an opponent.
just barge the other skater off the ball.
4. [with obj.] convey (freight) by barge.
– origin Middle English (denoting a small seagoing vessel): from Old French, perhaps based on Greek baris ‘Egyptian boat’.

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