baritone /ˈbarɪtəʊn/


I. noun

1. an adult male singing voice between tenor and bass.

he sang in a rich baritone.
2. a singer with a baritone voice.

he starred as a baritone.
3. a part written for a baritone voice.
4. [usu. as modifier] an instrument that is second lowest in pitch in its family

a baritone sax.
5. a brass instrument similar to a euphonium, sounding in B flat and used in brass bands.
II. derivatives

1. baritonal /bariˈtəʊn(ə)l /

2. baritonist

– origin early 17th cent.: from Italian baritono, from Greek barutonos, from barus ‘heavy’ + tonos (see tone).

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