bash /baʃ / ‹informal›


I. verb [with obj.]

1. strike hard and violently

she bashed him with the book
[no obj.]
people bashed on the doors.
2. ( bash something in) damage or break something by striking it violently.

the car’s rear window had been bashed in.
3. [no obj.] ( bash into) collide with

the other vehicle bashed into the back of them.
4. fiercely criticize or oppose

the dispute will be used as an excuse to bash the unions.
II. noun

1. a heavy blow

a bash on the head.
2. a party or social event

a birthday bash.
3. [in sing.]
(Brit.) an attempt

have a bash at this quiz.

III. phrasal verbs

1. bash something out

‹informal› produce something rapidly without preparation or attention to detail

I didn’t just want to bash out songs.
2. bash on (or away)

‹informal› continue despite difficulties

nothing much we can do, except bash on.
IV. derivatives

basher /ˈbaʃə /

– origin mid 17th cent. (as a verb): imitative, perhaps a blend of bang1 and smash, dash, etc.

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