bathe /beɪð/


I. verb [no obj.]

1. wash by immersing one’s body in water.

she was advised to bathe or shower daily.
2. [with obj.] soak or wipe gently with liquid to clean or soothe

she bathed and bandaged my knee.
3. [with obj.]
(N. Amer.) wash (someone) in a bath

they bathed the baby.
(chiefly Brit.) swim or spend time in the sea or a lake, river, or pool for pleasure.

occasionally I bathed in the lido swimming pool.
5. [with obj.] suffuse or envelop in something

the park lay bathed in sunshine.
II. noun [in sing.]

(Brit.) an act or spell of swimming or spending time in the water

a bathe in the cold North Sea.
– origin Old English bathian, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German baden.

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