battle /ˈbat(ə)l/


I. noun

1. a sustained fight between large organized armed forces

the battle lasted for several hours
[in names]
the Battle of Waterloo
[ mass noun]
he died in battle.
2. a lengthy and difficult conflict or struggle

the battle against ageing.
II. verb [no obj.]

1. struggle tenaciously to achieve or resist something

he has been battling against the illness.
2. [with obj.] engage in a fight or struggle against

firefighters battled a 9,800-acre brush fire.
III. phrases

1. battle it out
fight or compete to a definite conclusion.

bike riders from all over the country battled it out.
2. battle royal /ˌbatl ˈrɔɪəl /
a fiercely contested fight or dispute.

there promises to be a battle royal between the two companies.
3. battle stations

(chiefly US) the positions taken by military personnel in preparation for battle (often used as a command or signal to prepare for battle).
4. half the battle
an important step towards achieving something

he never gives in, and that’s half the battle.
– origin Middle English: from Old French bataille (noun), bataillier (verb), based on late Latin battualia ‘military or gladiatorial exercises’, from Latin battuere ‘to beat’.

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