bawl /bɔːl/


I. verb

1. [ reporting verb] shout or call out noisily and unrestrainedly

[with direct speech]

‘Move!’ bawled the drill corporal
[with obj.]
we began to bawl out the words of the carol.
2. [no obj.] weep or cry noisily

(as adj. bawling)

bawling babies.
II. noun

a loud, unrestrained shout.

he addressed every class in a terrifying bawl.
III. phrasal verbs

bawl someone out

‹informal› reprimand someone angrily

tales of how she bawled out employees.
– origin late Middle English (in the sense ‘(of an animal) howl, bark’): imitative; possibly related to medieval Latin baulare ‘to bark’ or Icelandic baula ‘to low’.

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