bearing /ˈbɛːrɪŋ/



1. a person’s way of standing or moving

a man of precise military bearing.
2. the way a person behaves or conducts themselves

she has the bearing of a First Lady.
3. [ mass noun] relation; relevance

the case has no direct bearing on the issues being considered.
4. [ mass noun] the ability to tolerate something bad or to be tolerated

school was bad enough, but now it’s past bearing.
5. (often bearings) a part of a machine that allows one part to rotate or move in contact with another part with as little friction as possible.
6. the direction or position of something, or the direction of movement, relative to a fixed point. It is usually measured in degrees, typically with magnetic north as zero.

the Point is on a bearing of 015°.
there were no steeples or bridges from which to take a bearing.
7. ( one’s bearings) awareness of one’s position relative to one’s surroundings

he flashed the torch around, trying to get his bearings.
[Heraldry] a device or charge

armorial bearings.

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