beast /biːst/


I. noun

1. an animal, especially a large or dangerous four-footed one

a wild beast.
2. (usu. beasts) a domestic animal, especially a bovine farm animal.

mucking out and feeding the beasts is a big job.
‹humorous› an animal as opposed to a human.

the gift of reason differentiates humanity from the beasts.
4. an inhumanly cruel, violent, or depraved person.

he is a filthy drunken beast.
sex beasts who are assaulting victims.
‹informal› an objectionable or unpleasant person or thing

a scheming, manipulative little beast.
6. ( the beast) a person’s brutish or untamed characteristics

the beast in you is rearing its ugly head.

7. [with adj.]
‹informal› a thing possessing a specified quality

that much-maligned beast, the rave record.
II. derivatives

beast-like /ˈbiːstlʌɪk /

– origin Middle English: from Old French beste, based on Latin bestia.

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