beaten /ˈbiːt(ə)n/


I. past participle of beat.
II. adjective

1. having been defeated

last year’s beaten finalist.
2. exhausted and dejected

he sat feeling old and beaten.
3. having been beaten or struck

he trudged home like a beaten cur.
4. (of food) stirred vigorously to a uniform consistency

beaten egg.
5. (of metal) shaped by hammering, typically so as to give the surface a dimpled texture.

beaten copper coffee tables.
6. (of precious metal) hammered to form thin foil for ornamental use.

magnificent howdahs covered with beaten gold and silver.
7. (of a path) well trodden; much used.
III. phrases

off the beaten track (or path)
in or into an isolated place.

we tried to find locations slightly off the beaten track.

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