become /bɪˈkʌm/


I. verb

1. [no obj., with complement] begin to be

she became angry and sulked all day
it is becoming clear that we are in a new situation.
2. grow to be; develop into

the child will become an adult.
3. (of a person) qualify or be accepted as

she wanted to become a doctor.
4. ( become of) (in questions) happen to

what would become of her now?
5. [with obj.] (of clothing) look good on or suit (someone)

mourning regalia became her.
6. be appropriate to (someone)

minor celebrity status did not become Potter.
– origin Old English becuman ‘come to a place, come (to be or do something)’ (see be-, come), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bekomen and German bekommen ‘get, receive’.

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