bee /biː/


I. noun

1. (also honeybee or hive bee) a stinging winged insect which collects nectar and pollen, produces wax and honey, and lives in large communities.

●Four species in the genus Apis, family Apidae, in particular the widespread A. mellifera.
2. an insect of a large group to which the honeybee belongs, including many solitary as well as social kinds.

●Superfamily Apoidea, order Hymenoptera: several families, often now placed in the single family Apidae.
3. [with modifier] a meeting for communal work or amusement

a sewing bee.
II. phrases

1. the bee’s knees

‹informal› an outstandingly good person or thing.

[first used to denote something small and insignificant, transferred to the opposite sense in US slang.]
2. have a bee in one’s bonnet

‹informal› be preoccupied or obsessed with something.

the country gets a bee in its bonnet about some failing in schools.
– origin Old English bēo, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch bij and German dialect Beie.

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