behind /bɪˈhʌɪnd/


I. preposition

1. at or to the far side of (something), typically so as to be hidden by it

the recording machinery was kept behind screens
the sun came out from behind a cloud.
2. underlying (something) but not apparent to the observer

the agony behind his decision to retire.
3. following or further back than (another member of a moving group)

we were stuck behind a slow-moving tractor.
4. at the back of (someone), after they have passed through a door

she ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her.
5. in support of or giving guidance to (someone else)

whatever you decide to do, I’ll be behind you
the power behind the throne.
6. controlling or responsible for (an event or plan)

the chances were that he was behind the death of the girl
the meticulous organization behind the coup.
7. after the departure or death of (someone)

he left behind him a manuscript which was subsequently published.
8. less advanced than (someone or something) in achievement or development

the government admitted it is ten years behind the West in PC technology.
9. having a lower score than (another competitor)

Woosnam moved to ten under par, five shots behind Fred Couples.
II. adverb

1. at or to the far side of something

Campbell grabbed him from behind.
2. in a particular place after leaving or after others have moved on

don’t leave me behind.
3. further back than other members of a moving group

Ben led the way, with Joe a short distance behind.
4. (in a contest or match) having a score lower than that of the opposing team

England were still 382 runs behind.
5. late in accomplishing a task

I’m getting behind with my work.
6. in arrears

she was behind with her rent.
III. noun

‹informal› a person’s buttocks

she slid inelegantly down a few steps on her behind.
[Australian Rules] a kick that sends the ball over a behind line, or a touch that sends it between the inner posts, scoring one point.
– origin Old English behindan, bihindan, from bi ‘by’ + hindan ‘from behind’.

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