belong /bɪˈlɒŋ/


I. verb [no obj.]

1. ( belong to) be the property of

the vehicle did not belong to him.
2. be due to

most of the credit belongs to Paul.
3. (of a contest or period of time) be dominated by

the race belonged completely to Fogarty.
4. ( belong to) be a member of (a particular group or organization)

he belonged to the local cricket club.
5. [usu. with adverbial of place] (of a person) have an affinity for a specified place or situation

she is a stranger, and doesn’t belong here
you and me, we belong together
(as noun belonging)
we feel a real sense of belonging.
6. have the right personal or social qualities to be a member of a particular group

young people are generally very anxious to belong.
7. [with adverbial of place] (of a thing) be rightly placed in a specified position

he put the rifle back in the locker where it belonged
such statements do not belong in a modern student textbook.
8. be rightly assigned to a specified category

these compounds belong to a class of chemical mediators called kairomones.
II. derivatives


– origin Middle English: from be- (as an intensifier) + the archaic verb long ‘belong’, based on Old English gelang ‘at hand, together with’.

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