beyond /bɪˈjɒnd/


I. preposition, adverb

1. at or to the further side of

[as prep.]

he pointed to a spot beyond the concealing trees
[as adv.]
from south of Dortmund as far as Essen and beyond.
2. [ prep.] outside the physical limits or range of

the hook which held the chandelier was beyond her reach.
3. more extensive or extreme than; further-reaching than

[as prep.]

what these children go through is far beyond what most adults endure in a lifetime
the authority of the inspectors goes beyond ordinary police powers
[as adv.]
pushing the laws to their limits and beyond.
4. happening or continuing after (a specified time, stage, or event)

[as prep.]

training beyond the age of 14
[as adv.]
music going on into the night and beyond.
5. having progressed or achieved more than (a specified stage or level)

[as prep.]

we need to get beyond square one
his failure to rise beyond the rank of Undersecretary.
6. above or greater than (a specified amount)

[as prep.]

raising its stake beyond 15%
[as adv.]
he could count up to a hundred thousand million now, and beyond.
7. [ prep.] to or in a degree or condition where a specified action is impossible

the landscape has changed beyond recognition
their integrity is beyond question.
8. too much for (someone) to achieve or understand

the questions were well beyond the average adult.
9. [ prep.] [with negative] apart from; except

beyond telling us that she was well educated, he has nothing to say about her
there was little vegetation beyond brush-growth.
II. noun ( the beyond)

1. the unknown, especially in references to life after death

messages from the beyond.
III. phrases

the back of beyond
see back.
– origin Old English begeondan, from be ‘by’ + geondan of Germanic origin (related to yon and yonder).

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