binding /ˈbʌɪndɪŋ/


I. noun

1. a strong covering holding the pages of a book together.
2. [ mass noun] fabric cut or woven in a strip, used for binding the edges of a piece of material.
3. (also ski binding)
[Skiing] a mechanical device fixed to a ski to grip a ski boot, especially either of a pair used for downhill skiing which hold the toe and heel of the boot and release it automatically in a fall.
4. [ mass noun] the action of fastening or holding together, or of being linked by chemical bonds

the binding of antibodies to cell surfaces.
5. (in Chomskyan linguistics) the relationship between a referentially dependent noun (such as a reflexive) and the independent noun phrase which determines its reference.
II. adjective

(of an agreement or promise) involving an obligation that cannot be broken

business agreements are intended to be legally binding.

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