envelop /ɪnˈvɛləp, ɛnˈvɛləp/


I. verb [with obj.]

1. wrap up, cover, or surround completely

a figure enveloped in a black cloak

‹figurative› a feeling of despair enveloped him.

II. derivatives

envelopment /ɪnˈvɛləpm(ə)nt, ɛnˈvɛləpm(ə)nt /

– origin late Middle English (formerly also as invelop(e)): from Old French envoluper, from en- ‘in’ + a second element (also found in develop) of unknown origin. / usage: Envelop is a verb, stressed on the second syllable and meaning ‘wrap completely’. The noun meaning ‘paper container for a letter’ is envelope, stressed on the first syllable.

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